Gridd by FreeAxez

Gridd by FreeAxez

Staying competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment means adapting swiftly to advancing technology. FreeAxez has spent the last 25 years innovating cable management and access flooring systems that smoothly integrate technology throughout a floorplan. Gridd, FreeAxez’ adaptive cabling distribution system, is a modular system that allows for simple reconfigurations.


Adaptive Cabling Distribution

Adaptive Cabling Distribution

The Gridd System can easily adapt to any room configuration or shape.

Easy to Install

No glues, screws or fasteners needed. Installs rapidly: 1,000sq ft per installer per day.

Low Profile

Gridd40 & Gridd70 are both below 3 inches tall. The ultimate low profile flooring.

Award Winning

The Gridd system has won many awards over the last 15 years, including the Best of NeoCon: Gold for Workplace Technologies.

Eliminates Core Drills

The Gridd system allows for moves, adds, and changes without the need to core drill.

Recyclable System

The Gridd system is not fastened to the building so you can literally take it with you.

Raised Floor and Power Systems

Gridd® Power is a flexible power distribution system that uses a modular 50-amp electrical power bus. Smart technology replaces obsolete cabling with a fully integrated power system designed to deliver power anywhere in the floorplan quickly and easily. Gridd Power works seamlessly with the Gridd low-profile access floor system.

Gridd Mobile, FreeAxez’ augmented reality (AR) app, gives facility teams the ability to “see through the floor” and view cable layouts, allowing for simple moves, adds, and changes. Teams can access as-built drawings, component details, how-to videos, and more, all from their smartphone. Gridd Mobile stores all your facility details in one central location, easing communication and reducing knowledge loss between teams.

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